CPBS is happy to be among some of the most knowledgeable and creative real estate professionals on the web. We would enjoy the opportunity to develop a long and profitable relationship with those who are like minded in commercial real estate. If you are interested in doing business with CPS you must be willing to accept the following rules to ensure that we maintain a level of order and professionalism.


1. We will not knowingly engage in any deals or business practices that will cause harm to our clients or the clients of any person or entity we partner with. If your trying to send something questionable our way, think again. We try our best to only do deals that are a win, win situation for everyone.

2. In most instances, we require you to sign a simple industry standard confidentiality agreement, before disclosing any information on… 1. A deal or any property we may have for sale 2. Any purchase or a co-broker agreement on any loan request we find funding for. We expect you to

3. If you are a loan broker or wholesaler please ensure that you have valid contracts with your clients before doing business with us. We will review these contracts before doing business to ensure that you are not wasting your time and ours. We don’t work for free and you shouldn’t either. The level of trust between us must start here. If you have a problem with this, now is the time to say so. See number 2 above. (again we expect to sign a similar agreement)do the same (protect your position at all times) We are not trying to cut anyone out of the deal.

4. We don’t entertain broker daisy chains. If you have one in your deal and we decide to try to close it, you will be responsible for paying those under you. To insure that we are dealing with serious people we will ask for documents and information such as proof of funds and your clients contact information. We will also require that we have a conference call with you and your client to ensure that everyone is on the same page. We will communicate with the principle directly while keeping you in the loop at all times. Its easier to do business this way instead of trying to relay messages and track down people to get things done. 


1. We strive to achieve a win, win situation for everyone but the needs and satisfaction of the client should come first.
2. Its better to email us with general conversation matters on deals and call when you have a situation that is urgent or that need to be clarified. It also keeps a good record of what is being done and said so their is no confusion or selective amnesia.
3. We are always open to tactful, constructive criticism. We will always strive to better ourselves and retain a level of efficiency.
4. We do not list property that we do not own or have a legal right to. If you agree to our networking rules we look forward to meeting you and building a profitable relationship.
5. Everyone is human and people make mistakes. If this should happen let’s fix the problem, keep the deal alive and the client happy!




6. If you claim to be the buyer, seller / principle and it is found out that you are not, this will cause distrust among us, waste time and no one will make any money.
7. Being argumentative, vulgar or constantly making accusations will cause us not to do business with you at all and we will simply wish you the best of luck and part ways.

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