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Let us show you how easy it is to make the switch from residential to commercial real estate investing.

Are you seeking a commercial loan for the first time and you overwhelmed with the amount of effort and paperwork it takes to apply for a commercial loan? We can help.




Get off the sidelines and into the game!

If you are like most investors you might shy away from the commercial real estate market because of the rumors you might of herd on how hard it is to apply for a commercial loan. The truth of the matter is that these rumors were possibly started by uninformed or disgruntle investors who went about applying for these loans the wrong way.

Is Commercial Real Estate Investment Right For You?



Ultimately, that’s up to you. But don’t be shy of moving beyond residential because you are intimidated by the thought of buying a commercial property. With a little bit of knowledge and some focused effort there is no reason that you can’t graduate from residential investing into the world of commercial real estate .

What if I told you that their was a better way to leverage your money to get higher returns with less hassle.

Commercial real estate investing provides some of the best, “hands off, arm chair investing opportunities”  We will show you how to locate and obtain highly profitable, investment portfolios of commercial properties in a fraction of the time it would normally take you on your own.

 Here’s how we can help.



1. We can locate highly discounted off market commercial properties that fit you investing criteria

We have access to investment grade commercial property and notes that have yet to hit the open market. When you join our group of investors you will get routine access to these properties on a weekly basis.


2. Get a professional opinion on you next project. We offer a free initial project analysis.

We are happy to talk with you about your project goals and make recomendations about your next course of action. We will be able to spot weaknesses in your game plan and help you correct the issues before the lender see’s them and turns you down.

3. Have your proposal professionally prepared.

When your loan is professionally packaged and underwriten you will be able to negotiate better terms on the purchase of the property with the seller and show the lender that you are serious about getting your project funded. A properly detailed property analysis will show them the true value of the property and give you better leverage in purchasing the property from the seller.

4. Dont go it alone. Get someone on your team that can help you reach your goals.

A team member with the right connections at the right time may make all the difference in your project getting funded or taking a one way trip to the bottom of the lenders loan files.


Simply put, we know what the lenders want and we know how to give it to them!

We provide the investor with professionally underwritten packages that get the lenders attention by making it easy for them analyze and make funding commitment. Having your project Pre-underwritten shows the prospective lender that the borrower is serious and committed to their project

The underwriten file is prepared and packaged to be easy to understand by the lender providing the opportunity for an experienced borrower to negotiate the terms of the loan more effectively.




Here are just some but not all of the key issues addressed in your underwriting report when you work with us. 

  • A reserved dialog section to explain special considerations to the lender.   

  • A professionally prepared executive summary with color pictures of the property.

  • Underwriting analysis containing: Loan information, underwriting constraints recommendations & results, Value analysis, Loan conclusion.

  • Multiple types of reports available, up to 30+ pages of project financials to include charts, ratios, metrics & measurements calculated.

  • In depth loan summary Building information with property details and more prepared in a digital file ready for print or submission and more.

  • Operating statement with all the ratios and calculations the lenders rely on to make funding decisions.

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