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CPBS Is In The Business Of Purchasing Future Payment Streams That Result From Seller Financed Business Notes


We specialize in providing a lump sum of cash now for future payments.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Contact us to request a no-obligation quote by calling us or submitting our form.
  2. Once we review your note we will make a preliminary offer on the business note. It will be a full purchase offer or a partial offer.
  3. When you accept our offer we will perform the asset or collateral verification and the estimated value and borrower credit.
  4. The seller of the business note will provide us with the necessary documents to complete our due diligence. See what documents do I need?
  5. The business note seller will be required to review and sign the note purchase agreement.
  6. The transaction will then be packaged sent to our underwriters.
  7. When approved the transaction will then be scheduled for a closing time and date at an attorney’s office or title company depending on the state requirement and seller’s preference.
  8. The seller can elect to receive a cashier’s check or wire transfer as payment for the business note.

Full purchase or partial purchase buy out options are available.

The process should take no more that 10 to 15 business days which is dependent upon the correct documents obtained from the seller.

The basic documents required by our company varies depending on the type of business and the structure of the business note. When we review your business note  we will send you a list of documents needed to complete our due diligence. 

We buy notes secured by businesses nationwide however some states may require a longer or more rigorous due diligence process.

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