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Discount Commercial

If you would like to purchase commercial property to rehab and hold for long term appreciation or cash flow, you have found an excellent and reliable source. The properties we acquire are off market unless otherwise stated and we will provide you with as much information as possible, including estimated market value, cost of rehab, cap rate, & NOI.

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Business Finance

Do you need financing for your business acquisition restructuring & growth?

CPS specializes in non-traditional business credit solutions for companies of all sizes.These funds are primarily secured by Equipment & Machinery, Accounts Receivable & Inventory and some times Real-Estate.

Financing requests up to $500 Million with the typical transaction ranging from $350k to $8 million. No personal or business credit needed.

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Commercial Finance

Are you looking to get quick cash out of you property or to add an additional property to your portfolio? It doesn’t matter if your are a current commercial property owner or seller looking for alternatives to foreclosure or a new investor seeking a way to get into commercial real estate investing.We specialize in providing funding for short term or long term commercial real estate projects, for borrowers with good credit or the challenged borrower.

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Start Investing In Commercial Real Estate Now!

Are you new to commercial real estate investing? Find out how we can help you succeed on your first project. Property with financing in place available. No personal credit needed.

Residential investors, would you like to see higher profits for the time and effort you spend investing in real estate?

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