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We specialize in helping commercial real estate investors secure funding, navigate complex financial challenges, and discover exclusive off-market properties.

Creative Solutions For Business Owners & CRE Investors

Business Funding

Secure the financial support your business needs to thrive. We offer tailored funding solutions to fuel your growth, from startup capital to expansion and beyond.

Commercial Funding

Navigate the world of commercial real estate confidently with our expert guidance. We specialize in securing funding for property acquisitions, development projects, and rehabilitation ventures.

CRE Owner Assistance

Sell your property for fast cash, protect your investment, and avoid foreclosure pitfalls. Our experienced team provides comprehensive assistance to commercial property owners, ensuring financial stability and peace of mind.

CRE Investor Consulting

Elevate your real estate portfolio with our

strategic consulting services. We empower investors with insights, strategies, and

connections to maximize returns and minimize risks.

CRE Off-Market Assets

Gain access to exclusive off-market properties. Discover hidden gems and unique investment opportunities that aren't available through traditional channels, all through our extensive network.

Networking Opportunities Available

Join a dynamic community of commercial real estate professionals. Unlock valuable networking opportunities to connect, collaborate, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving real estate industry.

Private/Hard Money Lending

Private and hard money loans offer several advantages, including quick approval, flexible terms, and collateral-based security. These loans are well-suited for real estate investors, providing specialized financing for unique or time-sensitive projects.

About CPBS

CPBS is located in Georgia close to the metro Atlanta area. We invest in commercial real estate and notes, and provide flexible funding options for commercial investors and business owners. We welcome all to our website and we are happy to network with all types of real estate professionals. Although we do the bulk of our deals in Georgia and Florida we are always interested in any opportunities to do deals or participate in joint


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